In the last century Miami has changed from a small town surrounded by swampland to a global playground for international superstars. In the last decade, developers took Miami’s skyline and transformed it. Taking it from a fairly nice sized non-capital city to a global hub has not been easy, and there have been growing pains, but Miami’s cultural assets are stronger and more valuable than ever thanks to the tens of millions of people who travel here every year and eventually invest in our growing tropical experiment. Furthermore, Miami is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year.

This project is born from that concept, and the love that so many have for this city. For the past two years master photographer Kiko Ricote has been lovingly photographing Miami from every angle imaginable, and from every vehicle available. From the sky, in the water or on terre firma, Kiko’s photography has cleverly documented some of the most desired and admired areas of our city. The overarching message is simple, Miami changed into a global city and these images are a great vehicle to promote the city through an artist’s lens.